Wealth Manager

David Bauer joined AllSquare Wealth Management in 2013.  His comprehensive analysis and presentation skills following a 9-year career with General Electric in various Finance and Internal Audit capacities have proven very helpful to AllSquare Wealth’s clients.

David earned his Certified Financial PlannerTM certification in 2017 after having met the education, experience, and exam requirements issued by the CFP Board.

David’s work is especially beneficial to clients in areas such as expense budget formation and income review, historical asset analysis and go-forward modeling, and also in reviewing and optimizing existing debt structures.  He is also primarily responsible for producing the Retirement Income Analysis component of AllSquare Wealth’s financial planning process, to illustrate expected financial status/health throughout all future retirement years. David received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Finance concentration in 2004 from SUNY Albany after attending for 3 years.

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